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Intenzivni individualni tečajevi

Bus english

Tečaj vodi prof. Ana Mladina koja je svoje višegodišnje iskustvo stekla u zagrebačkim školama poslovne komunikacije “HalPet” i “Moje znanje” podučavajući poslovni engleski jezik kako u grupnoj tako i u individualnoj nastavi kao profesor i trener poslovnih vještina.

Radila je s upravama i višim managementom tvrtki kao što su INA, Zvijezda, Ledo, ZABA, PBZ, Hypo Alpe Adria, Autohrvatska, Narodne novine, Hrvatske šume, Končar, Glaxo Smith Kline, ABB, Brenntag i dr.

business one to one panoramska


Course details:

Lesson 1 – Internal vs. External communication

  • basic rules of writing semi-formal and/or formal email
  • composition of emails; parts that every email should contain

Lesson 2 – How to link your ideas and sound professional immediately

  • linking words that upgrade your level of English
  • practice using them in an email

Lesson 3 – Formal words and modal usage

  • using formal verbs and expressions in order to sound more academic, formal and professional
  • practice using these verbs and expressions

Lesson 4 – Common phrases in emails

  • a dictionary of common phrases in Business English correspondence
  • implementing these phrases into emails

Lesson 5 – Avoiding most common mistakes in writing

  • learning how to prevent making common mistakes in spelling or translating phrases in order to transfer correct, precise and accurate piece of information
  • practice through correcting real example emails

Lesson 6 – Practice and revision

  • practicing replying and writing emails



Course outline:

Lesson 1 – Bank organization and products

  • Departments – Investment Banking, Corporate, Human resources, Internal Audit, Marketing, Risk Management, Financial Controlling, Accounting…
  • Learning about the organization of a bank, main terms, phrases and vocabulary; current account, debit card, joint account, savings account, loan, bank statement, standing order

Lesson 2 – Personal banking

  • Learning about key terms necessary to introduce any banking product to a client
  • Key vocabulary: credit card, debit card, savings account, debit account, pay off, overdraft, limit, afford, cash advance, funds, debt, interest, mortgage

Lesson 3 – Introduction to financial statements and key financial terms

  • Profit and loss account, Balance sheet, Cash flow, Statement of retained earnings
  • Liabilities, loan, amortization, assets, bond, credit, dividend, EBIT, EBITDA, overheads, payables, receivables, revenue

Lesson 4 – Balance sheet

  • Explaining a balance sheet and key vocabulary terms
  • Current assets, fixed assets, intangible assets, current liabilities, long-term liabilities, provisions, shareholder’s equity, amortization, depreciation

Lesson 5 – Profit and Loss Account

  • Explaining a P&L Account and key vocabulary terms
  • Revenue(s), depreciation, tax, interest payable, dividends, interest receivable, cost of goods sold, operating expenses, profit from investments

Lesson 6 – Practice and revision

  • Revision and reading and discussing contemporary relevant financial articles


Details and methodology:

  • 6×90 minute individual lessons
  • Theory & Practice integration
  • Times & Location to be arranged with the student


Price: 1999,00 KN